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  • if enough interest is shown, its pretty likely..but im not sure...i think the reason the ones that are out for the 06 and such is because those were also used in the cavi and have been used in race engines.
    yes...xfe took the liberty to make a personal ban on me. then he talked shit about it on this forum. whatadouche
    onecoldbizzle is selling an lsj downpipe and other parts i trust him as a seller so if you pm me your email ill give it to him or ill get his to you
    I'm not even sure why I was banned, I wasnt even making fun of CC08's mom. All I did was ask why the Random thread got locked,lol
    I got banned from YC...So you'll have to talk to me here,lol. Apparently I keep "stirring up trouble" lol
    i saved my vote. i'll vote for fox cause a. his car looks awesome and b. i hate mkulrey's ss/tc and the attitude that comes with it.
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