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  • I got a 07 cobalt Ls and I'm trying to find a programmer that will bypass the governor anyone got any suggestions?
    I was thinking about going 35 on the side and 20 on the back little windows and the back. Or should i just go 35 all around? I am just little to do stuff to the interior and exterior right now. I would do performance later on. These were the wheels I was gonna go with these Elbrus I04 Black Machined w/Ice Coating
    I am about to tint my windows next week. But i cant decide what would look the best. I am not sure. Just some changes that wont break the bank to much.
    Whats up man. I was told that you were the man to talk about what should i change on my cobalt LT.
    hey tom,
    kick ass site man, great job, had a sugestion for you tho, you might consider starting a thread for cheap/free mods that can be done, i.e. painted dash trim, tinted tail/headlights, debadging, painting engine covers, etc. im sure alot of ppl would contribute incl me, and it would be a great source for inspiration. but great job, and id love to be involved with the site, if theres any way let me know, thanks chris.
    tom!! hi... how are you? i dont have your number anymore i got a new phone so if u still have mine text me. need to catch up sometime ill bring the srt to a balt meet or something. later man.
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