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  • Hello I'm pretty new to the forum Cruz I need some answers for my q's would an 06 4 door cobalt Ls shell fit on a 87 Nissan frame
    hey man, I have been loooking thru your pics and I love your drop. I gotta 2010 LT and am looking for a drop similar to yours, can you tell me your set up and where you cut if you did? thanks
    Stock for stock He's got more power than you do.Without being in the car and feeling the car,it can be anything.:/Tunes on our cars all motor is not a huge gain.Even though your tuned and he's not he might be putting out a couple more ponies than you just because he's a gen 2 powertrain.All I can say is surprise him with some forced induction or nitrous:D.I supercharged mine but I'm a 5-speed.
    hey bro u got a question for you ive a 2006 chevy cobalt ls with 2.2 ecotec with a ton of engine mods automatic my friend david has a 2007 chevy cobalt lt with the 2.2 ecotec 2nd generation automatic all that he has is a cold air header exhaust not even tuned and mine is tuned from a dig we are dead even from a 25 mph roll when he hits 70 mph he just starts walking from like i am standing still what do you think could be happening?
    Hey man, I remember you were the one who cut the bumpstops in the front without having to take the springs off, how do you do it? I jacked my car up today and couldnt find the front bumpstops....???

    I got the rears easy. But not sure about fronts. Any help would be appreciated tons.
    [Just got an alignment, thats why Im not wanting to take off springs.]
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