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  • Thank you muy mucho for my new user title, hahaha! Did u spell "grammar" wrong on purpose? ROFLCOPTER I <3 u LOL
    whats up tom?
    so my boss is being a cheap douche and wont come down from our regular 130 over cost. which puts the windshield at like 280 installed before tax. so honestly you can probably get one way cheaper from your local speedy, or glass doctor. and not have to drive.
    sorry man, thought he'd be cooler than that.:think:
    hey bro, we found another vendor for the glass after i posted that thread. our cost on the windshield is 150. so maybe a lil over that. ill see what my boss says about friend discounts next week.
    i have to replace mine badly. my hood wasnt the only thing that got sand blasted while living in Montana!
    maybe we can get em cheaper if i order two.
    hey man.....when is the "my post" link coming back....its not the same without it...its harder to navigate to the threads ive been posting in....i need to go to my profile and then find the posts ive made and thats just too time consuming....bring it back already...cuz its sucking alot right now
    no problem buddy. i have no clue as to what the deal is with the forum right now. ive asked 3 people and thay all said it would get taken care of. i think they may be considering shutting that down since its so inactive though
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