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  • I hate mklurey to be honest, he is a flat out dick, are you still coming back on the 23? and jdm is representing lol
    According to XFE it looks like you are not gonna be unbanned anytime soon. Admin is made at me and gave me an infraction...lol
    You will be happy to know though that even mentioning your name is considered "objectionable/vulgar material" and the mods can delete it at will! lol
    i am now using your sig and avatar on yc... just thought i would let ya know. and i think its pissing people off because some of my messages are getting deleted. lol.
    There's a bunch of us that what you to come back. They started the COTM over again and Mkulrey13 is already bawwwwing because he "clearly won" lol
    hey, i edited out the boxxy gif, it was making everything all laggy
    you can have a smaller one if you want, but if it lags out the page its gone...
    not trying to be a dick, just trying to keep it all usable :D
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